Because of your crust, McKinners is my new favorite pizza place. You cannot tell the difference between your crust and what would be considered normal pizza crust.

—Greg, Littleton

Supreme gluten free pizza crust, dairy free pizza crust

Gluten Free Hand Tossed Pizza Crusts

Do you miss pizza that’s crispy on the outside, yet chewy in the inside? We  surely did, so we created our own!

Gluten free deep dish pepperoni pizza

Gluten Free Deep Dish Pizza Crusts

Oh, how we craved a thick pizza crust that was chewy and delicious. We are now satisfied and hope you will be too!

Panni made on a gluten free french baguette

Gluten Free French Bread Baguettes

Crostinis, paninis, french toast and more! Our baguettes are quite versatile and are full of yeasty, chewy goodness.

Sandwich made on gluten free bread

Gluten Free Sandwich Bread

Larger than most GF loaves, check. Layers of yeasty flavor, check. Holds up to just about any cooking method, check.

Gluten Free Breads Should Be Remarkable, Not Just “Good for Gluten Free”

When Rich and I set out on this journey, we were inspired to make gluten free pizza crusts and breads that not only satisfy our cravings but wow our non-gluten free friends too. We were tired of hearing “that is good for gluten free” and instead wanted to hear “that is just good!”

I am happy to say, we not only succeeded, but even surprised ourselves by the taste and texture we were able to create!

Thank you for visiting our site and trying our products (hopefully you will!). I would love for you to be “wowed” by our products. And when you are, I want to hear all about it.

Victoria Wolf, The Gluten Free Explorer

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Alfalfa's Gluten Free pizza crust
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