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Wholly Stromboli in Fort Lupton

gluten free restaurant fort luptonToday I visited a great East Coast Eatery specializing in homemade Italian food in Fort Lupton, Colorado. What a fantastic find in this quaint town 9 miles north of Brighton.

Back in her 20’s when people asked Melissa Rickman what she “wanted to be when she grew up” she would say that “a restaurant owner, and my restaurant will be called Wholly Stromboli.”

Melissa worked for many years in the financial world, climbing up the ladder and making a successful career of it. Along the way, she always remembered her dream and thought that someday she would love to make it a reality. When Melissa was laid off a few years ago, he boss told her that she “destined for greater things.” She didn’t think much of his parting sentiment at the time, but with further consideration she realized that he might have been on to something.

gluten free restaurant fort lupton, wholly stromboliMotivated by a life-long love for cooking, she began think “hey, I could really do this thing” and started began her culinary journey by opening a lunch delivery service in Fort Lupton. After a while that service turned into a catering company, and then, in November 2011, Melissa saw hear dream become a reality when she opened Wholly Stromboli.

Since its inception, and in response to requests from friends and customers, Wholly Stromboli has offered a gluten free menu. And interestingly, Melissa herself found out she was gluten intolerant shortly after opening the restaurant. So the gluten free menu she was providing for her customers was now one that she would need to eat from as well.

For Melissa, the greatest joy in owning her restaurant is the enjoyment her customers feel when they spend a meal at Wholly Stromboli. It is very important to Melissa that ALL her customers enjoy their experience and that includes the gluten free diners. She put together her gluten free menu with desire that gluten free diners could eat similar dishes that her gluten-eating diners could. That is why Wholly Stromboli offers gluten free pasta (2 different types), pizzas, wraps and their namesake Stromboli. Melissa says her gluten free sausage and pepper Stromboli as her favorite item on the gluten free menu.

I have never encountered a gluten free Stromboli so hearing finding this on the menu made me very excited!! I will be heading to Wholly Stromboli with my family very, very soon to try that delicious sounding sausage Stromboli.

Wholly Stromboli
410 Denver Avenue
Fort Lupton, CO 80621



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