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Unique Gluten Free German-Russian Cuisine in Brighton, CO

gluten free german foodWhen I planned to visit Lauer-Krauts, I mistakenly thought I was going to explore a hot dog restaurant. I have a lot going on in my life (fine excuse I think) and sometimes I lose my mind or make assumptions (unconsciously of course) about things and have no idea why.

Well, although there is a hot dog on the menu, they are not the star at Lauer-Krauts. Instead, there is this interesting and unique dish called a Kraut Burger, which is a German Russian pastry pocket filled with hamburger, cabbage, onion and Lauer-Kraut (Robin’s family’s special sauerkraut recipe).

Six years ago, owner Robin Trujillo realized a dream when she opened Lauer-Krauts in Brighton, Colorado. Handed down from her grandfather to her father and now to her, Robin uses her family’s special German Russian recipes to create her delicious and unique Kraut Burgers.

Ready to eat my Lauer-Kraut’s “Naked Bowl”

From the beginning, she has served her amazing Kraut Burger as a “naked bowl” for her gluten free customers. Lauer-Kraut’s naked bowl can be ordered dairy free or with American or Jalapeno Jack cheese. Lauer-Kraut’s also serves a German Sausage wrap and I think adding that sausage (the sausage itself is gluten free and obviously without the bread part) to the bowl would be an interesting addition. Or, for the more daring, add a gluten free Hebrew National hot dog to your bowl. (See there is a hot dog here!)  Every Thursday, Lauer-Kraut’s offers gluten free chili. Not sure adding chili to the naked bowl would be a good choice, but again, why not be adventurous (or just a little crazy!)

Although there are only a few gluten free options, the “naked bowl” makes Lauer-Kraut’s worth a visit. If there are others in your family or group of friends that are gluten-abled then this is a great option for them to enjoy a unique dining experience and for you to eat right with along with them too.

I suggested to Robin that she might want to consider adding a pre-made gluten free bun to server the Kraut Burger in might be a great idea. She is looking into it and I will let you know if she adds it to the menu.

If you are a fan of Food Network’s Diners, Drive Ins and Dives, you will be excited to know that Lauer-Krauts was featured on the show. Yes, Guy Fieri was in Brighton for 2 long days experiencing everything Robin and her amazing restaurant offers. Watch the Video Here! 

I was fascinated when I walked into the restaurant and saw a very large collection of VW collectibles and other unique items such as a door from a VW bug. I felt at home there. My initials are VW and I actually drive a VW. If you are a VW fan, you will love perusing Robin’s collection.

So, if you are in Brighton, stop by, say hello to Robin and give her Kraut-Burger Naked Bowl a spin. You’ll be glad you did.

26 South 6th Avenue
Brighton, CO 80601

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