gluten free toaster bags

Toaster Bags for Traveling Gluten FreeMany motels and hotels offer a free continental breakfast with your stay. When you are gluten free, that isn’t always an added bonus! Finding something safe to eat can be a challenge and most times preparing your own food is the best option. Even though many motel breakfast areas have toasters that guests can use to toast supplied bread and bagels, these gluten heating machines are definitely off-limits for the gluten free crowd.

Not anymore!!

With toaster bags you can use any toaster, anywhere to toast delicious gluten breads, bagels, waffles, muffins and more!  Just put your gluten free bread/bagel/waffle in the non-stick, reusable bag and drop in the toaster. Minutes later you will have perfectly toasted piece of gluten free yummyness!

There a few options from different manufacturers to choose from:

Toastabags for Gluten Free TravelToastabags Reusable

  • Perfectly Toasted Sandwiches with No Mess No Fuss
  • Easy to Use and Clean, Quick and Reusable
  • Perfect for Families on the Go
  • Great for College Students in Need of a Quick and Healthy Snack
  • Pack of 2 reusable bags


ToastIt for Gluten Free Travel

S/2 “Toast It” Bags

  • Set contains 2 Reusable (up to 50 times) toaster bags, 100% non-stick one wipe clean
  • Turn your Toaster into a Grill, Prepare a snack in your toaster, grill, toaster oven…
  • Crumb-free toasting reduces cross contact: Perfect for gluten-free breads
  • Grilles: Sandwiches, pizza slices, pita bread, bacon, panini, garlic bread and more
  • Made in Belgium. Hand wash or place in dishwasher away from heating element.



Eksel toaster bagsEKSEL Toaster Bags

  • Reusable Non-Stick Fits Any Size Bread
  • Healthy, make toast without butter
  • Keep your toaster free of crumbs
  • Perfect For Food Allergies
  • Use in Toaster, Microwave, Oven, Grill
  • 3 Toaster Bags in a pack



  1. I’m not understanding how if they do not seal, they keep cross contamination out. I am highly allergic and do not see this as an option but please clarify if I’m missing something because if this works, it would make my life soooo much easier.

  2. I believe the pouches stick up above the opening of the toaster so they never come into contact with the toaster. The top is open but the rest of the sides are sealed.

  3. If I use the bags with my gluten free bread in a toaster that is already contaminated with gluten will that work? Or is it only that you use the bags on gluten items in a gluten free toaster, for example.

    • They are designed to be used in contaminated toasters. The bags protect your bread from coming into contact with the contaminated toaster. And yes, you could use the bags for gluten bread in a gluten-free toaster. That is a great idea.

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